The analytical engine steam – progress

I have seen some ambitious projects steam, this adds to the list:

Not without fear to say that it is time Britain building “analytical engine.” after the fantastic “engine change” we need to finish your dream Babbage in steam power, general-purpose.

The analysis engine has all the hallmarks of modern computer: that program (bonchid cards), central processing unit (called “factory”) to perform calculations and memory.Course, electrical, by steam. But the principles underlying the “analytical engine” is itself behind the computer I’m typing this on.

It seems that this project circular bit in the sky, and with $ 1 million price tag that’s why they love! if you are going to dream, dreaming big and force others to achieve that. brain behind this project, and now is John Graham-Kunming coder/techie who started the project blog post this support.In sod # 269 host 1 k pledged to support this effort.

More information about how to support this project after the jump:

Sign my pledge at PledgeBank

Apparently abouwat 5% way to finance this project, which was pretty amazing for a month I am in for $ 20, if get 47,000 people on board!

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