Steampunk Haunted House

Just “jaded Viewer” haunted house, alerted me to this week occurs much in NYC with steampunk theme.  Here is a video preview:

Information on buying tickets and a video of last years haunted house after the jump.

Note: If anyone walk through the video of this project-let me know so you can share it.

A review of past years haunted house:

This is a preview of “the third rail projects” posted 4 months, I belive this footage of the House of recent years:

Steampunk haunted 2010 railway projects House III on Vimeo.

Steampunk haunted house is located in the abrons Arts Center in Grand Boulevard, in the corner of Rue 466 House in lower Manhattan Side.Days East and times on 23 October 29, 30 | 8-11: 30 pm and on 24 October 27, 28, 31 | 6-9: 30 bmtikates are $ 20 for adults and $ 10 for the official site: stodintsthi “Facebook” page

Also check out the full review of the home.

View the original article here


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